Rainbow Falls Flight School

Rainbow Falls Flight School my little pony
Description: Another amazing little game of my little pony, a classic hub tv that we bring back for you to have fun in big, Rainbow Falls is the stage where the ponies that can fly will test all their skills by walking obstacles, getting special items and some mini New games to overcome, can you keep your balance in the air without crashing? Get ready to fly great distances and get the record to become the best exponent of flights in Equestria. The game mode: to start playing in the flight school we must do it next to Rainbow Dash, if you manage to surpass the level you will be able to unlock new ponies so that also learn the manioras in Rainbow Falls, move your mouse and click in the right moment To get score bonuses, horseshoe items and increase your power to make the sonic rainboom. Start playing right now and discover new games as good as this one.
How To Play: Only your mouse, follow the instructions in game. NOTE: If you can not see the game, change the HTTPS by HTTP in the address bar and go! More info here
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