My Little Pony Mini Quizzes 2

My Little Pony Mini Quizzes 2 game
Description: The latest version of the official game my little pony called mini quizzes, where you can test your knowledge about equestria, ponyville, princesses and elements of harmony, discovers a challenge that questions need to be answered with much carefully to get the gold star will take to succeed, get ready to play right now and discover that friendship is magic. if you've already played the version 1 of this same game now you'll be quite surprised with this complete and final adventure of trivia in My Little Pony. plays now.

The smart pony says ....

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Do not forget that you can answer questions and let those that are bad for the next opportunity, your progress will be recorded until you achieve perfection as the maximum exponent of My Little Pony fans. Get ready to play and challenge your brain as smart pony would.

How To Play: by your mouse.