[MLP] Adventures In Ponyville

[MLP] Adventures In Ponyville game
Description: Live a great experience in Ponyville, the fabulous game you enjoy today takes you to the depths of life in this place, you'll first create your favorite character that you name, then you can start to go all ponyville, talk to Pinkie Pie or maybe you help Applejack in sustareas, the goal is to gain experience and get different characteristics of your personality that will make your pony a new character in the story. Have fun, play and share new games on our website. How To Play: Use your mouse, arrow keys to walk. 

Did you know...

Ponyville is the main town in the great kingdom of Equestria which is where pass most of the stories of the My Little Pony series, is also the place where live the main characters each in their residences personality characteristics of each one, for example Twilight Sparke lives in a tree surrounded by books, Pinkie Pie in a house called ginger Sugarcube corner where there are sweet and parties.