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My Little Pony Kick Up Online

My Little Pony Kick Up Online
Description: Cheer up and participate once more with the intrepid Rainbow Dash who will do the impossible to give the best jumps, of course always with your help to break the most spectacular records, we have achieved some, to be exact 15, How many will you achieve ? Rainbow Dash is the guinea pig in a unique sporting experiment in Ponyville, he jumps without falling while Roseship watches you, the world of sports pony and Rainbow Dash await you. Game mode: you only have to touch Rainbow Dash if you touch the ground, you will lose the count and the possible record, a way that seems very simple to be the next proud champion Pony, nolo you think! Play and share with your favorite ponys on our fan site. 
How To Play: Mouse Only.

Remember that you are playing My Little Pony Kick Up, look for more Rainbow Dash games in our section dedicated to this protagonist. Good luck.

My Little Pony Moonstuck The Game Part 1

My Little Pony Moonstuck The Game Part 1
Description: Moonstuck is a fun minigame created by fans, in which we will see the pony itself inspired perhaps in the Moon Princess, follow the story inside this game on the moon that is visited by our character, in this adventure you must move on one side To another following the clues to leave the place, the friendship is magic will be on your side to guide you on the right path, of course there are hidden clues that you can find if you dare to put attention, a game in classic arcade style that you can not leave happen. Game mode: you only have to move using your keyboard and if you move your mouse near the sign you will find valuable information that will lead you to solve this adventure. Play, share and keep up with the best online games of My Little Pony. 
How To Play: Use your mouse and arrow keys.  Remember that you are playing My Little Pony Moonstuck The Game Part 1, search for more incredible My Little Pony games right here.
Princess Woona is back, but this time, inside a videogame! Help her navigate around the moon and figure out how to eventually get back home! ----- Please read! I added the WASD keys as controls. I also removed clicking on Woona as a way of accessing the menu, just to avoid the classic 'I was in attack mode and wanted the menu again' situation. Zombies should be easier. Just don't expect to get the big guy in one go. Be patient!

My Little Dashie [Short Fan Video]

Description: A new and emotive 3D video fan starring one of the most popular ponies. Rainbow Dash and a boy are known giving life to the story of brotherly love and knowledge that you will surely be happy to see, if you are one of the great fans of My Little Pony you can not miss this creation. As you know with Rainbow Dash everything can happen so do not wait any longer and press Play to know this mini story. Remember that in addition to videos and content we have the largest collection of mini games waiting for you along with Rainbow Dash and all her friends ponies.
How To Play: Just Push Play.

Pinkie Pie Epic Portal Time

Description: An epic mission for our beloved Pony Pinkie Pie who will be envielta on a journey not as colorful as she accustoms. Epic Portal Time is a platform game mixed with strategy, you must be skilled enough to achieve a good port, if you do not want to fall into the dangerous abyss or you are afraid of not being smart enough to win, then you can not play, but If on the contrary you think to be able to surpass each of the stages, this is the special game of My Little Pony that you were looking for. Game Mode: You must move to Pinkie Pie through the labyrinths and activate the buttons in the way that will be indicated at the time, you can lose a life if you do not do what is owed so pay attention when playing. Start now and challenge your senses to the best My Little Pony style. Good luck. 
How To Play: Follow the instructions in game, user your [W][A][S][D] to move and space to action.

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My Little Pony Hidden Hearts

Description: Astonishing with a new delivery of the My Little Pony Special Games, today we turn to observation to ennoble the hidden hearts, can you help us fulfill this romantic Pony task? If you are willing to help you should start right now as the hidden hearts are very well hidden so you must go through each of the stages where you meet with your most beloved pony friends, some of the ponies involved are Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and the rest will leave you to your surprise. Game mode: Select the first stage and discover the hidden hearts, you can see in the lower part a bar with the indications of all that you should look for. It's easy but you must pay attention to each image, be sure to complete the steps in the shortest possible time. If you make a mistake you will lose score. Play and share with this and all our MLP mini-games. 
How To Play: By your mouse.

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My Little Pony Memory challenge

My Little Pony Memory challenge
Description: 6 new spectacular levels await you in this challenge game of My Little Pony, today your mission will be to find the identical pairs of characters in the shortest possible time, of course the game has a countdown and is in it when you must solve the puzzle, to As you go up and down the levels, you'll find more tiles and you'll have to complete the level in fewer seconds. Are you ready for such a feat? Of course you must start with the first option to sharpen your senses and be able to overcome all this adventure. Game mode: just enter and choose the first level, discover the cards and find the pairs before the time runs out. Remember that on our site every day we have more games of My Little Pony new, do not stop to visit us as you would miss the best plays on the web. Good luck and tell us if you could get to the end of this game !! 
How To Play: By your mouse.

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MY Little Pony Trixie's Black Cat Slot Machine

MY Little Pony Trixie's Black Cat Slot Machine
Description: A simple but fun new game of My Little Pony, casinos and coins take our screen to achieve the highest possible profit, our pony representative today is the same Trixie Lulamoon who as we know has a very bad character that undoubtedly has hurt in More of a season to our friends ponys always. As you will see the goal of the game is to get the most gold d emoneda for each of the shots in the Equestria casino slot machine. Game mode: just click the lever on the machine and watch as each item on the screen matches the line, the more you can achieve the more your coin spoils. At the bottom of the game you can see how many credit cards you have and how many coins you have won so far. Share, comment and continue with more adventures in the games of My Little Pony online that we select for you that you are a big fan 
How To Play: Use Only Your Mouse.

Remember you are playing MLP Trixie's Lulamoon Black Slot Machine, find more Trixie games and ponies on our site.

Pinkie Pie Has a Mustache

Note: If you do not see the game, try playing Mozilla Firefox to make it workDescription: A new sign of the crazy Pinkie Pie and Spike can provoke in Ponyville, of course they will not be the only characters we see in action, Applejack will make his special flight jumping as high as possible, you and Spike will try to catch right in the At the indicated time, get succulent scores for the tests passed, in addition to all this the difficulty and rewards will also be greater as you advance through all the levels you are in, there will be special items that will surely drive you crazy. Game mode: you only have to press the space bar in your keyboard to accumulate the energy needed to reach the ponys, if you do not do it just in time you will spend villainy and you will not get any score, also you must be careful as you will get negative score by the jumps Wrong Join now and safely Pinkie Pie and her friends will have big surprises waiting for you that you are a great fan and fan of all My Little Pony games. 
How To Play: User your spacebar, follow more instructions in game. Remember you are playing Pinkie Pie has a mustache, continue with more Pinkie Pie games on our fan web.

Pinkie's Balloon Patrol

Description: We all know that Pinkie Pie is a great pony friend and one of the best companions in Ponyville who specializes in making amazing parties, this had been a day like any other when you used to make preparations for a balloon party, of course Pinkie Pie wanted to keep everything This secret until a mysterious wind blew with great force and we could not do anything, just to observe as the balloons went flying through the skies of Equestria, helps to Pinkie Pie to recover all the balloons of colors in the shortest possible time so that Give her time to prepare Pinkie's surprise party for her friends. Game mode: Fly through the skies moving from side to side collecting each of the balloons, the colors will indicate the score you will get, you should not stumble not to hit the birds so be cautious if you want to win. Get ready for one of the most special jorandas next to Pinkie Pie, the Power Ups have been updated, take advantage and pass just great. 
How To Play: Use your arrow keys to move up and down. See the instructions in the game!

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Twilight Sparkle Vine Slicer

Description: Join all Twilight Sparkle fans in a new special little pony game that we bring today for you where the main goal is to get rid of all the evil roots that pop up spontaneously in the Everfree forest, get ready to use the magic of Twilight Sparkle in pursuit of good, but be careful because on the road there are obstacles that are your own friends ponys, do not let any of them cross the roots because if you get to play you will lose the level immediately. Game mode: you must move quickly to get down the objectives, when you see one of your friends ponies your power away because as we told you could lose a life of the game. Start your adventure right now and find out if Twilight Sparkle finally manages to become the best princess in the entire kingdom of Equestria. 
How To Play: Only By Your Mouse.

Remember you are playing Twilight Sparkle Vine Slicer, find new Twilight games and friends on our web fan.

Rarity: Crystal Crunch Story

Description: Rarity has asked a great favor to her "friend" and she has gladly accepted to mine magical crystals in the most hidden depths of Ponyville and Equestria, a spectacular game where you will have to combine abilities to combine 3 or more crystals of the same color , Of course you should not miss your moves because if you do gray rocks will appear that will only damage your crop, prepare your movements more precise and get to changed different boosters that will boost your plays. Game mode: you must click only on the crystals of the same color, you can wait for them to appear or find the ones you already have, if you manage to connect 4 or more colors you will have special items. Help Rarity get its crystals and have it all ready for its next fashion collection in ecuestria. Have fun and share with other games we have on our site, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and all the characters you love are here, share and play right now. 
How To Play: touch with your mouse.

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Equestria Girls App Download

Equestria Girls App Download
The wonderful new adventure of My Little Pony is called Equestria Girls, today we present the official mobile game released by the famous developer Gameloft where the adventures of each of the characters of Equestria Girls with their human form will live unique stories at the Canterlot school High, get ready for a unique experience that includes minigames, achievements, downloads of extra content and much more that you can only get if you download the game, we tell you that this game is completely free and you can get it for both mobile with Android operating system, Also for mobiles with OS system.

Of course we will not leave you wanting to know more and we show you the great official video of the game My Little Pony, Equestria Girls. Watch it for sure it will give you much more encouragement to get yours for free right now.

What we'll find in Equestria Girls Game

xperience the world of Equestria Girls in the official My Little Pony Equestria Girls App. Scan My Little Pony Equestria Girls dolls, vehicles and playsets with the horseshoe symbol (sold separately) to unlock clothing, accessories, or daily rewards that you can use to customize your avatar. Scanning a My Little Pony Equestria Girls doll, vehicle or playset toy (each sold separately) will also unlock a digital character that follows your avatar on friendship quests. Explore the halls of Canterlot High while completing friendship quests and get rewards for helping out your favorite Equestria Girls friends!

SCAN Equestria Girl dolls, vehicles and playsets with a horseshoe symbol (each sold separately to unlock clothing, accessories, or daily rewards that you can use to customize your avatar. Scanning a My Little Pony Equestria Girls toy (sold separately) will also unlock a digital character that follows your avatar on friendship quests.
CUSTOMIZE your avatar’s hair, clothing and accessories
EXPLORE Canterlot High, unlock rooms, and play mini games
POSE your avatar for photos in the photobooth

Hasbro, My Little Pony, Equestria Girls and all related logos and character names and trademarks are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

To download the game and know more go to this address.

Rainbow Dash Tail

Rainbow Dash Tail
Description: Get ready for the most epic adventure in the games My Little Pony with Rainbow Dash, today your flight capabilities will be put to the test in the dangerous sky of Equestria where there are clouds that threaten your pace, you must concentrate very well to dodge all Dangers, you will also find fabulous items that will help you increase your powers, you know that Rainbow Dash is considered one of the best flying ponies of all time so you should not let him make mistakes in his step by clousdale, play and pay attention To win the whole score and to overcome each of the levels that await you. Game Mode: You must calculate the movement of Rainbow Dash using the space bar, for this you notice the direction arrows that will appear like guides in the game. Have fun and keep looking for more incredible new My Little Pony games on our collecting site. 
How To Play: Use your Spacebar.

Remember you are playing Rainbow Dash Tail, keep looking for more Rainbow Dash games on our website.

My Little Pony Chibi DressUp

My Little Pony Chibi DressUp
Description: Today you have a new and excellent opportunity to demonstrate all your knowledge in fashion together with 4 of the usual protagonists of My Little Pony who you can wear wearing the most beautiful clothes, create a new look for Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie That will appear before you as you have never seen any of the Equestrian Pants, a perfect mix between My Little Pony and Equestria Girls, in the game you will not only find clothing but also some special accessories such as hats and shoes that no doubt Will be the ideal complement for this occasion. Game Mode: You must use your mouse to combine each of the costumes, when you finish with one of the protagonists you will go to the next one, in addition you will be able to change the wallpaper for the final scene of the transformation of these mini Ponys. Play, share and follow the adventures of all your favorite characters on our site. 
How To Play: Only Need your mouse.

Remember you are playing My Little Pony Chibi DressUp. Follow up with more MLP fashion games.

MLP Lyra and Bon Bon Music Play

MLP Lyra and Bon Bon Music Play
Description: A new option to have fun with two of the most beloved characters of My Little Pony, we present the wonderful skills of Lyra and Bon Bon to play the main melody of MLP: but that's not all, because you can also experience different sensations composing your Own songs and melodies that Lyra played with her harp and Bob Bon played with her bell. You can recreate the songs you want, so do not wait any longer and discover your hidden talent of My Little Pony fan. Game mode: you can use the guide with the pre-defined melody in the game, then you can compose your songs using your keyboard, have fun with this and all the online games we have for you. 
How To Play: Follow the instructions, Use your mouse and Keyboard. If you want more music games of My Little Pony you can play Octavia and his Cello which is one of the best achieved so far to compose Pony music. Good luck.

Princess Twilight Sparkle Hidden Stars

Princess Twilight Sparkle Hidden Stars
Description: Introducing another of the incredible challenges in the games of My Little Pony, today you will have to use your senses again to find the hidden stars in each of the levels in which our beloved Pony Twilight Sparkle is protagonist, have fun and watch carefully for If you do not score, you will earn a score that will accumulate at the end of the game. Game mode you must use the magnifying glass that is active in the game to discover the stars, once you find it click to have it counted in your marker. Play, share and have fun with this and more my little pony skill games, we have them all for you in our collection. 
How To Play: Only By your mouse.

Remember you are playing Princess Twilight Sparkle Hidden Stars, find more My Little Pony games in our special sections.

My Little Pony Colours Memory

My Little Pony Colours Memory
Description: A game of My Little Pony of challenges in which you will have to use your memory to discover the correct order of each of the colors and ponys corresponding to a sound, the objective of this game is to memorize, there are 4 different levels to which you must Face as you go, you will start with only a couple of sounds to end the maximum levels available, the game itself is not so complicated just remember that your memory may be a bit fragile, you can use the strategy of colors Or sound. Game mode: you only have to observe the first move and then repeat those of your opponent. As we told you can use that strategy and thus have fun with this new game of My Little Pony. Share more games in our web fan we have them all for you, if you look classic, official or the games more fun fan just cross our sections and pass it great. 
How To Play: By your mouse. Remember you are playing My Little Pony Colors Memory, find more pony skill games on our website.

My Little Pony Detetive Bot

My Little Pony Detetive Bot
Description: Become a special detective next to the robot Twilight Sparkle, mysteries abound and the city and today you will play one of the most difficult chaos of the last times, do not waste time and interact with all the items in your path, you will carry a full bag Of evidence collected plus you have the option to decipher the mysterious hidden numbers, a special game of My Little Pony that can only be completed by the most intelligent fans. I'm calling you to investigate if you could find the resolution of the end of this adventure. Of course keep reading the instructions to get more ideas about the game, we leave them below, icluso with a video guide that will help you continue if you get stuck somewhere. Play, share and have fun with this and all of our exclusive My Little Pony games, friendship is magic. Good luck.
Hints: -The safecode can be obtained via the Magnification filter in two places, a hint can be found somewhere in te Foyer using the Ultra-violet filter. Hint: Invisible ink -The Bathroom's is tricky to find and it won't be visible with the naked eye -The keys are iron, so a particular filter should make them easy to find -Motive minigame -- Torrent will provide hints for the items, draw conclusions! There is more than one possible scenario as long as they are plausible! The evidence may help here -Two seemingly empty scenes do have one important secret each Walkthrough (use responsibly!)… Even though I've got a few ideas for new games, I will focus on the blog a bit more for the time being. I have learnt a lot about structuring and optimising games while working on this one. I love how I made it modular and UNIVERSAL. Adding stuff has never been so easy -- I can add a fully working piece of evidence in two minutes, including descriptions and interactivity. All in all, a framework for future projects. Also, finally got the X-Ray concept in one of the games! xD The Ask contest winners can be found on the photo screen once they're found in game, surprise, got so few asks with references that I decided to include all who qualified! :D Magic!
How To Play: Use your mouse to interact with each item.

SlenderMan My Little Pony

SlenderMan My Little Pony
Description: Derp Till Dawn is an excellent game of My Little Pony fan based on the classic game of miterios called Sslenderman, our brave protagonist who will face the danger is the intrepid Derpy Hooves with which you will have to inestigar, to find clues and to gather information in this mysterious Bosuqe that looks a lot like the original Slenderman, Play and discover as far as you can go without the dangerous man finding you. Play alone if you dare! But if you decide for sure you will take the bracket of the fan of My Little Pony most brave of the world. Game mode: you must walk alongside Derpy using the flashlight and recovering clues, be careful if Slenderman finds you lose. Have fun and play right now in this mysterious mini game. 
How To Play: Use your Keyboard [Z], arrow Keys and follow the instructions. Remember you are playing Slenderman My Little Pony (Derp Till Dawn), find more Derpy games on our site.

My Little Pony Hoofball

My Little Pony Hoofball
Description: An addictive new game of My Little Pony with the Cutie Mark Crusaders as protagonists, with the classic 8 bit style of the Nintendo games, today you can accompany Scootaloo and her friends in search of adventure and games with the other inhabitants of Ponyville, The grasslands and interacts with each of the ponies, but remember that you must meet Rainbow Dash so that the challenge is accepted. In this world you will be able to play, learn about istorias and talk to the most experienced ponies, play and have fun in the main ponyville game called "hoofball": Game Mode: search for Rainbow Dash and follow the instructions to play this wonderful match, your teammates Will be the Cutie Mark Crusaders who are certainly willing to give their best to win the game.
How To Play: Use your arrow Keys and Z key to talk and Play hoofball. Follow the instructions in game.

 Remember that you are playing My Little Pony Hoofball, look for more incredible Cutie Mark Crusaders games on our site.

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Numbers Hunt

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Numbers Hunt
Description: The royal wedding between Princess Cadance and Shining Armor takes place in the royal palace where the grandiose Celestia will hold such a great event, today you can be part of one of the historical and classic chapters of the series and games My Little Pony watching in each of the stages, one of the most remembered scenes of this royal wedding, prepare very well because not only is it to find the ocualtos numbers but in each stage there is an extra challenge that you can achieve only if you concentrate very Well, surely Cadance and Shining Armor will be overjoyed if you manage to complete all their game. Game mode: you must look carefully at each number hidden in the image, and find stars and hearts as you go. Have fun with the best My Little Pony games we have brought for you. Remember also that we have many sections dedicated to each of the characters in your favorite series. 
How To Play: By Your Mouse.

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Pony Simulator 2 Li l Hatey

Pony Simulator 2 Li l Hatey
Description: A new opportunity to demonstrate how much you can love a pony, from the saga of "pony simulator" today we introduce you to a very special little pony, you may seem a little angry, but surely if you manage to conquer your heart you will make her smile, In the game you will find different options and interactions that you will find a little fun, you can use everything you want and discover new ones if you give yourself the time to play with Lil Hate. Game Mode: You only have to explore the options in the interactive menus of the game and use each one of the actions available for your Pony to have fun. Have fun and meet more My Little Pony simulation games that we have for you on our website.
How To Play: Only your mouse.

MLP:fim Game Derps

Game Derps
Description: An afternoon of entertainment can be much more than playing a simple console game, Derpy and Dj Pon 3, are always making their own and with magic can happen anything, have fun with this fan animation that is sure to bring you some memories Of the classic games of Mario Bros but updated with the friendship is magic of My Little Pony, also remember that in our web you can find more fun animations in our section, search them and if you fancy to play also we have the great collection of adventures with all your Favorite characters.
How To Play: Just See :)!

MLP Diamond Tiara vs Scootaloo

MLP Diamond Tiara vs Scootaloo
Description: Another incredible and crazy challenge that brings us back with the cutie mark crusaders, at least one of them, Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara will face in an epic battle to reach the red flag, do not think this will be as easy as we know to Diamond Tiara likes to cheat, but do not worry too much because if you try hard enough you can have some extra help that you never expected, the game is a bit frantic and you will have to move quickly if you want to reach the meeting point before Diamond Tiara. Game Mode: You only have to quickly press your space bar to climb the hill, remember that you will have some surprises if you strive otherwise it is almost certain that your enemy will be the winner. Play, share and enjoy more My Little Pony games on our website. 
How To Play: use your spacebar and fun. to restart press [f5]

Remember that you are playing MLP Diamond Tiara vs Scootaloo, look for more Cutie Mark Crusaders games on our site.

My Little Pony Games

Enjoy the online adventures of your favorite characters My little pony friendship is magic, find games with Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie and many other characters. We are a fan site games where you will also find videos, animations and extra content to share and have a great time.

My little pony friendship is magic, is an original series of 1992 that currently only a few more assiduous fans of those times remember, the so-called first generation of Ponys had some of the players that we can see today in the series as in the case of Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, yet other characters are mixtures of dirferentes designs of those years. By 2010 Lauren Faust, crradora of the original seire was hired by Hasbro studies to develop the new generation of ponies airing on television in 2010 reaching a huge success both on TV and in marketing generating many official games produced by Hasbro and other studies plus a spin off series called Equestria Girls, released in theaters with his first film in 2013, franchises have also generated many games and comics clothing styles that followed religiously bigoted. Each of the current series espisodios hard alrrededor 22 minutes with the participation of the main six characters but also by providing a world [Equestria] full of other interesting characters popular among fans have become. Sson many seasons and the 6th is the present, today there are now millions of fans regardless of gender and age that follow the adventures of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

We have some of the my little pony games ever created such as Adventure Ponies, Adventure Ponies 2, Power Ponies Go and many more that await you in this great collection. Visit our pages and have fun sharing magic and adventure with the most amazing little ponies.

Join your also in the Friendship is Magic and have fun with our large collection of official mini Pony games, videos, animations and more created by fans of the most Wonderful adventures in ponyville.